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Welcome to ICT

ICT Facilities

The Institution is well equipped with adequate ICT facilities being optimally used.


  • to render an effective teaching using ICT
  • to help the learners become competent and confdent users of ICT who can make efficient, effective and creative use of basic application software in their everyday activities
  • to encourage the learners to become critical and reflective users of ICT
  • to prepare the learners for the society of tomorrow by making them adaptable users of ICT who have the necessary openness and flexibility of mind to be able to adjust to future changes in the technology
  • The college has 6 computer labs for carrying out lab experiments and research work.
  • The college is WiFi connected and also connected with Local Area Network having access to internet from anywhere in the campus.
  • For an effective teaching and best dissemination of knowledge the college has 15 class rooms integrated with technology.
  • The college is equipped with two audio visual halls and a smart board with features of recording the lectures.
E-resources and techniques used:


  1. E-Library from NList
  2. 13 E-Journals from Sage publications
  3. Various softwares for carryingout lab experiments such as Dev C++, Java, Microsoft office 2007, Tally, Tora, Tc, Oracle, VSDC
  4. Videos and presentations developed by faculty
  5. Web resources such as VLabs, w3schools, NPTEL, online stock trading using DEMAT accounts
  6. Podcasting such as CBT


  1. Presentations using LCD
  2. Presentations using OHP
  3. Presentations using Smart board

ICT Tools and Resources:

  • Extensive use of Audiovisual aids
  • Preparation of presentations on syllabus/program topics using Power point and Google talk
  • Video lectures developed by faculty for benefit of sudents
  • Screening YouTube videos to explore and learn things visually
  • Web based case studies
  • Virtual laboratory and simulation to have access to cutting edge technology in experimentation
  • Information is shared through departmental blogs, college website.
  • NPTEL video lectures are used for exploring various domains of knowledge
  • Educational websites like w3schools are used for demonstration of lab experiments
  • Various softwares such as CBT for English, Tally for accounts and VSDC video editors, Tora for statistics for developing video lectures, Dev C++, Java, Microsoft office 2007, TC, Oracle are available
  • Online Live demonstrations such as Stock Market trading
  • Subscribed E-resources such as NList is available for e-books, e-journals and databases.

Learning Management System (LMS): Stumagz

  • Stumagz acts as an official student outreach channel for the institution.
  • It is a platform, where every student can Connect, Collaborate and Cult.
  • As a Community engagement entity Stumagz will be able to offer the Institution, the best speakers, mentors industry support whenever possible and whenever required
  • Stumagz provides an opportunity to get on to the most happening student platform where readers come from different platforms to concern, conquer and learn more about what the existing college has been up to officially
  • LMS also provides an open opportunity for the students to excel not only in the academic career, also to enhance for a global outreach to deliver his thoughts to fellow peers from across India and globally.

"Lecture Capturing System"

The main objective of Lecture Capturing System is to enable students understand and also visualize the concepts which the teacher tries to explain. Watching video lectures would also help students improve their retention capability. Here are some of the lectures recorded in the classes.

Click for Video Lectures 2020-21

physics videos
Commerce videos
BioTechnology videos
BioTechnology videos
Virtual Lecture (Microbiology)

Dr. S. Sreedevi delivered a virtual lecture “Isolation of pure cultures” on 12th February, 2018 in association with Micro Biosociety.

Commerce Lecture #1
Commerce Lecture #2
Political Science