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Welcome to our Student Council Members

Significance of the Investiture Ceremony

The Investiture Ceremony is a replica of democratic process of election conducted every year to elect and select the Student Council for the post of President, Vice President, General Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Sports Secretary and the Council Member.

Responsibilities of student council

The swearing in ceremony or the Investiture ceremony for the Academic year 2017-2018 is a special occasion where St. Pious X Degree College entrusts the upcoming leaders. The responsibilities of these council members as per their portfolios are as follows:

Sl. No. Role Name Class
1 President Ms. A.Jennifer Frost III B.COM(CA)-A Sec
2 Vice President Ms. Joyce Mercy II B.Sc. MSCs
3 General Secretary Ms. B. Keerthana III B.Sc. BtBC
4 Joint Secretary Ms. K. Shivani II B.A EPP
5 Cultural Secretary-I Ms. Shruthi Sharma II B.A MPML
6 Asst. Cultural Secretary Ms. S.Alice Sherley I B.Com(CA)-C Sec
7 Sports Secretary Ms. P.Akanksha III BA EPP
8 Asst. Sports Secretary Ms. P.Dharani II M.Sc Microbiology
9 Council Member Ms. Mary Gwendolyn I BBA (A) Sec
10 Executive Member Ms. Sharon Nathalia Dass III B.A PPML
11 Executive Member Ms. Kavya Subramanian II MBA
12 Executive Member Ms.E.G. Bhargavi I B.Sc. MSCs
13 Student IQAC Member Ms. Suniti Chauhan III B.COM (Gen)
14 Student IQAC Member Ms. Siri Chandana II BBA (A) Sec