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The objective of our association is to keep alumni informed and connected to the Pious family and to maintain, deepen and strengthen an enduring lifelong relationship between alumni and the alma mater. We truly believe that while the Piousian experience began on campus, it is enjoyed for the rest of one's life. The alumni association plays a major role in building long lasting relationships

Alumni Association Alumnae are the torch bearers of ideals and ambassadors of an institution. They have blossomed into fine individuals carrying with them the flame of St. Pious. Each almunae has a different story to tell. We believe St.Pious has made a profound impact on each one of them and left an indelible mark on their lives. We've compiled a short listing of their comments & remarks and tried to capture the essence of their feelings. Its a trip down memory lane. Take a look!


St. Pious X Degree & PG College organized its annual Alumni Meet for the academic meet 2019 & 2020 as organized on 08th August, 2020 on the virtual platform through Google Meet. The Alumni meet for the academic year 2019 -2020 was scheduled to be conducted in the month of April 2020 but due to ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic it was postponed. Therefore this alumni meet was organized for the year 2019 and 2020. The alumni of all the batches were invited to the meet through Emails, Telegram, Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS, telephone calls and through other electronic mediums. A Google form was created for the registration and a total of 250 Alumnae registered for the meet. Around 150 alumni attended the meet. The meet began with a welcome note given by Mrs. Harshanya, Alumni and faculty of MBA Dept. It was followed by Prayer to invoke God’s blessing on the Alumni and the institution. After the prayer, Dr. S. Sreedevi, Alumni and HOD of Microbiology Dept highlighted the significance of the day.

Correspondent of the College, Rev. Sr. Japamala also an Alumni of the college addressed the students and appreciated their association with the college. Principal, Rev. Sr. Velangini, addressed the alumni with her impressive message. She welcomed the alumni on the virtual platform of the college and congratulated them on the achievements in the society. She insisted that Alumni play a large role in determining the future and continued development of an institution. She thanked the alumni for their support and cooperation in organizing various activities in the college.

Mrs. Maria Pavithra, President, Alumni Association presented the annual report of the association listing out the activities and events of it. Followed by the report was the interaction of the Heads of the Departments with alumni.

The Distinguished alumni member awards were declared to the following Alumnae:

I. CATEGORY: SIGNIFICANT ACHIEVEMENT IN THE ACADEMIC & RESEARCH Name: Dr. MangayarkarasiNivaskumar Batch: 2006 Department: Microbiology: II. CATEGORY: SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP Name: Ms. Bhavya Tiruveedhula Batch: M.Sc (2008-2010) Department: Microbiology & Botany, Biotechnology III. CATEGORY: SIGNIFICANT ACHIEVEMENT IN THE CORPORATE CAREER Name: Miss. Diana Moses Batch: 2013 Department: Commerce IV. CATEGORY: SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION TO ALMA MATER Name: Ms. Beaulah Margret Batch: 2008 ( MZC ) Department: Zoology Followed by the awards were the reflections of the alumni reminiscing the memorable moments and experiences during their stay in the college campus. Reflections were followed by the entertainment where in some games were conducted using Quizizz app and other modes for the Alumnae. The Event came to an end with an Vote of Thanks proposed by Mrs. Sreedevi, HOD, Dept of Mathematics


Pious Alumni Meet was organized on 7th April, 2018. The Distinguished alumni award was given to:

The Distinguished Alumni awardees:

Distinguished Alumni, 2018

Mrs. Krishnaveni, IPS

Distinguished Alumni, 2018

Miss Amulya Reddy

  • Mrs. Krishnaveni, IPS, was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Awards for holding distinguished positions in the Indian Police Services.
  • Miss Amulya Reddy, of B.Sc (Life Science) 2015-16 batch was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Awards for her Contribution to the Society & College.
Alumni speak...

"To dream the impossible dream,
To reach the unreachable star,
This is my quest to follow that star,
No matter how hopeless,
No matter how far......."
I can just say that this is what my beautiful college has taught me and each and every wonderful teacher of mine preached me. Am very proud and honoured to be a child of such an Institute. The zeal to achieve amazing heights in my personal and professional life is what you have been motivating me with, every moment even today. My experience and stay at St.Pious are always mystically memorable. St. Pious is one of the miracles that happened to me......!! Waiting to make you proud very soon...........Thank you St. Pious. Love you forever....:)
Suma Tiruvayipati
Ph.D. - Bioinformatics
Every moment and every event of man’s life on Earth plants something in his soul”. Three years at St. Pious has given me lots of such moments that had an arresting impact on me. Precisely abiding to its vision and mission, the college has transformed me into an adroit. I am indeed blessed to be under the shade of the principal, Rev. Dr. Sr. Nirmala, who always guides the students towards the justified path in their life. The untiring management and highly co-operative faculty, beyond any doubt are commendable Though I was a student of Physical Sciences, I was fortunate enough to grab the attention of the faculty of various departments, which I personally feel it as a valuable experience that helped me to find a rewarding career. As a result, today, I am one of the aspiring individuals of the most prestigious Civil Services Examination At last, I would say that my college has helped me discover what I am and what I can and I presume so does every Piousian at the end of their Graduation because, the way we choose today has a rippling effect on every tomorrow. On one hand my core subjects (Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science) ameliorated critical thinking and on the other, the Inter and Intra college activities made me an all rounder. The experiences I had at St. Pious are truly irreplaceable and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.Proud to be a Piousian!
Susheela Sri Akunuru
B. Sc. (2011-2014)
I am writing about this college, the amazing time I had there and the role it has played to help me build as an individual. It would definitely be an understatement if I told that the time I had in St. Pious was the one of the best in my life. It was, which I am sure many students would agree with me, one of the best times of our lives, remaining etched in our memories forever. The college stands true to its motto “Truth, Light and Life”, guiding students towards the right path in their life. The three years in St. Pious has been nothing but a learning experience, not only academically but also otherwise. This college has taught me several precious lessons that would in future allow me to increase my understanding in scientific research. Under the guidance of the Principal, Rev.Dr.Sr.Nirmala, the college has shaped into a very disciplined and esteemed institution. The lecturers have always emphasized on the importance of learning and honing our skills, thus helping us bring out the best in us. The lecturers have always stressed on using all the resources we may find while preparing for a project or a seminar. The teaching methods ensured that we learn more. The teaching staff made sure the students interacted both inside and outside the class, thus helping everyone to develop their ideas. This has helped me approach every problem and idea independently and creatively. My intention is not to make St. Pious sound like a college which produces only the perfect students rather to convey that this institution deserves a lot of credit for its efforts in moulding an individual to make best use of their talents. The college fosters the quality of teamwork by encouraging the students to participate in various competitions, seminars, conferences etc. Apart from academics, this college also encourages the students to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities. We students always had a great time taking part in the activities organized during Resonance, Christmas, the College day etc. Looking back I treasure every memory I have of this college and I am sure the students who have studied here as well as those who will, in future, will agree with me. I am certain St. Pious will guide many more students towards a bright future like it has done for me.
C. Mithileshwari
B.Sc. 2006-2009
Three years in St. Pious were the most educating, exhilarating and of course unforgettable. Now that I am out, I miss St. Pious the most. It’s a family that I have left. St. Pious Rocks…..!!!
A. Monalisa
Student,Australia (2007, B.Sc.)
"There isn't a child who hasn't gone out into the brave new world who eventually doesn't return to the old homestead carrying a bundle of dirty clothes." - Art Buchwald. These words said by Art Buchwald hold true about my association with St.Pious. It was like a sanctuary that prepared me to face the world that transformed me from a shy girl to a confident woman. In spite of leaving the college, I keep coming back to it, like a bird returns to its nest for nourishment from time to time. The college has given me friends I will cherish for a lifetime. The relationships formed between friends, students, teaching and non teaching staffs are bonds that get strengthened with time.The 3 years taught me how to face anything that life throws in my path. Each and every activity that happened in St.Pious is a learning experience; let it be academically, Sports, the extracurricular activities. The discipline which we are taught is something which helps us conduct ourselves in our day to day lives even after college. St.Pious helped in the all round development of a student, and faith formation was emphasized, our day begun with a prayer giving thanks to God. The opportunities that we were provided to take part in intercollegiate competitions helped us develop a sense of confidence, sportsmanship and healthy competitive spirit. The classrooms were a learning hub where we learnt lessons of not just the subject but also lessons of life. The lecturers were always there to guide us in every step and help us whenever we needed them. The Principal Dr.Sr.Nirmala was like a mother is to a child, for the whole college, under her guidance everything used to go on smoothly. The Vision of St.Pious,”Shaping the Youth with Scientific Aptitude and Social Consciousness” truly describes the making of a good citizen and human being which has been instilled in us. The days of Resonance were the best were the college wore a look of festivity where there was a buzz of activities happening to bring out the fun and talented side of students. The other occasions of St.Pious the feast day, College Day, Christmas celebration, Fresher’s Day, Farewell Day etc were eagerly awaited. These are few of the many things which I miss after leaving college. The different groups like AICUF and PEARL helped us give back to society and help the underprivileged as well as develop leadership skills. Even though I am no longer a student at Pious I know I am part of the family of Piousians and I will try my best to do whatever possible for my Alma mater. I would like to give back to it what it has given me.
Erica Nathan
B.Sc. 2006-2009
Being associated with St. Pious College is a matter of pride for me, more so I have been associated with it from the formative years. I am privileged to get an opportunity to serve my college which has moulded me as a complete and confident individual.
Microbiology Lecturer,
St.Pious X degree & P.G. College
M.Sc. Microbiology (2001-2003)
Its one of the best place to grow and learn. Being overseas, it is difficult to visit the institute and meet the faculty and friends very often, but the alumni association initiative of the institute keeps me in touch with the institute’s activities.
L. Krishnaveni
Home Maker, U.S.A
(1998 B.Sc.)
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