Our Inspiration

St. Pious X was born in Riese, Italy. His childhood was one of poverty being the son of village postman. Though poor, his parents valued education and he walked 6 km to school each day.On September 18th , 1858 he was ordained a priest. on 4th August 1903, he was elected as Pope of the Catholic Church. In his will, Pope St. PiusX said,

"I was born poor, I have lived poor and I wish to die poor"

He was a friend of all, he won youth with a smile. He lived upto his royal call and worked all the time for the poor. Simplicity, humility, faith in God, fidelity, fortitude, charity are the virtues of St.Pious X.

And Finally, "The Coat of Arms"

The shield of the college consists of a burning candle, inner and outer circles, with tri stars symbolic of Truth, Light and Life. The burning candle symbolizes Commitment, and the flame, Divine knowledge permeating the entire world. The Circles signify the Inner self and the outer world, which lead a person from untruth to reality, darkness to light, and death to life. The aim of the college is the holistic development of the students with integrated values, aiming to excel in every field.

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