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Institutional Social Responsibility

Support the Slum

Institutional Social Responsibility

As an Institutional Social Responsibility, St. Pious X Degree college for women has adopted the Nacharam slum. In this slum there are about 160 families and our institution will be working for its betterment. The department of English language and Second Language has taken up the responsibility of providing stationary. There are few boxes placed within the campus for the students to drop in some amount of money. The fund collected for the slum is Rs. 4698.


The amount spent for the stationary item was Rs. 4094. These stationary items were given to the slum on 15 Aug 2017 along with the English And Second Language department. This initiative by the management has taught even the students to be a socially responsible person. The children in the slum were taught a song , moral values and the needs for education by the college student which made the slum children happy. They were excited when the stationary items and chocolates were given


Institutional Social Responsibility

The institution has initiated an outreach program called ‘Share a Meal’ with an aim to fulfill the vision of the Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) through its strategic goals and objectives. The program is directed towards supporting the well being of the underprivileged students by providing meals once a month to 24 girl students, at Divya Disha Orphanage in Boduppal, Hyderabad.

To uphold the functioning of this program throughout the year, each department whole heartedly come forward to render services towards the achievement of this goal by taking support from the students and faculty of the department to provide a day’s meal to the orphanage.

  • 15th April, 2019-Department of Biochemistry
  • The faculty and the students of PG Departments participated in the Share A day’s Meal with the inmates of Shraddha Orphanage at Boduppal on 15th April,2019

  • 15th April, 2019-Department of Microbiology
  • M.Sc Microbiology students and Dr.VindhyaVasini Roy went to ShradhaOrphange, Boduppal on 15th April,2019.

  • 2018-19 - Department of Commerce
  • “Share a Meal” activity was taken-up on 29th April 2019 by the Department of Commerce at Sadhana Institute for Mentally Challenged and Old age Home,Nacharam. Hyd. Mrs. G. Naga Laxmi, Mrs. D. Geetha Reddy and Mrs. Pavithra, faculty along with 25 student volunteers visited the Institute. A Meal was sponsored by the department to children and other residents living in the orphanage. Fruits and sweets were distributed to children after the lunch. Faculty and students actively involved themselves in serving and feeding people there. A lot of humanity and humbleness was seen among the students involved in this noble cause. Students also interacted with the inmates there and were exposed to the various challenges of life. This activity gave lot of satisfaction to the faculty and students in extending their services and made them realize the blessings they enjoy.

  • 2018-19 - Department of Languages
  • The Department of Hindi and Sanskrit had taken up share a meal programme as apart of Institutional Social Responsibility for which fund was raised up to five thousand seven hundred and provision 1. Tin of Refined Oil and Stationery was purchases and were given in the orphanage the students from B.A PPML,EPP & MPML along with the faculty members visited the orphanage and spent with the children and entertained them with music and stories and also encouraged them to study hard and achieve their goals in their life.

  • 09/09/2018 - Department of Mathematics & Statistics
  • Under Social work activity faculty of department of Mathematics and Statistics along with 15 students from B.Sc went to Murukula Basti which is located at IDA Mallapur, Hyderabad on 9th September, 2018. The concerned lecturers and students distributed

    1. Books and stationary items to school children
    2. Bed sheets and clothes to old people

  • 2018 - Department of Social Sciences
  • The Department of Social Sciences has taken up share a meal programme, as a part of Institutional social responsibility for which fund was raised up to five thousand seven hundred rupees and the amount was used to purchase provision - 1. Tin of Refined Oil, 20 Kg Tur Dal, 5KG. Chana Dal, 5kg Tamarind 10Salt Packets and 5 kg. Of Red Chilli Powder and were given in the orphanage. The students from B.A PPML, EPP & MPML along with the faculty members visited the orphanage and spent time with the children they also entertained them with music and stories and also encouraged them to study hard and achieve their goals in their life.

  • 08/07/2017- Department of Botany and Biotechnology
  • On 8th July 2017 the department of botany and bio technology organized share a meal activity for Divya Disha 0rphanage for Girls at Boduppal, Hyderabad.

  • 08/07/2017- Department of Languages
  • Department of Second Language organised Share a meal programme at Divya Disha Orphanage on 8th of July 2017.Faculty visited along with the students of B.Com computer science, Bt.BC and MBC to share a meal and distribute rice, oil packets, biscuits, shampoos, soaps and clothes.

  • 02/08/2017- Department of Mathematics
  • Department involved in share a meal program with Divya Disha Orphanage, Boduppal. They interacted with 25 inmates conducting games and antakshari. The students also shared about health consciousness and environmental awareness. They distributed snacks, fruits and shared a meal with them.

  • 02/08/2017- Department of Statistics
  • Department of Statistics involved in share a meal program with DIVYA DISHA Orphanage, Boduppal. Miss.Sreevani along with 10 students of B.Sc went to the orphanage on 12.08.2017. There are 25 children in the orphanage. They distributed fruits and snacks to the children and also interacted with the children conducting games.

  • 14/10/2017- Department of Arts
  • As a part of Social responsibility the Department has organized Share a Meal Programme at Mettuguda orphanage and Divya Disha Boduppal. The students had interacted with the inmates and entertained them with Musical instruments, dance, songs they also highlighted about healthy habits and motivated them for higher studies. We distributed rice, dal, oil, sweets, snacks, and fruits.

  • 21/12/2017- Department of Computer science and Physics
  • The Department of Computer Science and Physics visited Divya Disha organisation on 21st December 2017. Students and staff of the Departments collected contribution in the form of food pulses, grains, eatables and cash before the visit to share them with the under privileged children. During their visit the students of the departments had shared everything that was collected and had participated in Christmas celebrations arranged for them. Many game activities were conducted to the children and gifts were presented to encourage them in every talent they own. The children exchanged their future plans and goals they have set for their future and the department helped them in guiding them the correct path to reach their goals. The departments also contributed an amount of Rs. 2523 to help the needy and promised to extend the help whenever necessary.

  • 13/01/2018- Department of Chemistry, Zoology and Genetics
  • On 13/01/2018 Saturday, 5 faculty members and 25 students of Departments of the Chemistry, Zoology & Genetics went to Divya Disha an Orphanage located in Boduppal. Sponsored the meal for the inmates and distributed blankets, Tiffin boxes, eatables, stationary, clothes and groceries to the girls at the orphanage.

Departmental Extension Activities

Inter School Recycling Championship

Departmental Extension Activities

Recycling Championship and Launching of Swatch Vidhalaya & Clean Communities Championship programme and awarding Programme of ITCWOW , SWATCH BHARATH Dr.Grace Beena Paul,HOD of Zoology, Campus Coordinator Dr.Annie Sunil attended awarding ceremony at JNTU,Hyderabad on 18th Sept, 2019.


The students of I,II & IIIMZC performed welcome dance on Environment. It was appreciated by one & all. Dr. Grace Beena Paul, Dept. of Zoology received an award for extension activities for recycling paper for collaborating with ITC WOW from last 15 yrs.

National Science Day - 28th Feb 2019

Departmental Extension Activities

The Department of Statistics has celebrated National Science Day at Telangana Minorities Residential Girl School, Nacharam, Hyderabad. The faculty of the department along with 15 student from B.Sc (M.S.Cs) were visited the school on 28.02.2019.


National Science Day is celebrated every year on February 28 to commemorate the discovery of Raman Effect by CV Raman on this day in 1928. The discovery won him the Nobel prize in physics a couple of years later.

Health Camp - 2nd Dec 2018

Departmental Extension Activities

Department of English organised “Free Medical Camp” in collaboration with Lions club, Banjara Hills. The camp was conducted at Murkula Basti, near Telangana Huts, Nacharam, Hyderabad, Telangana. The aim of this camp was to ensure good health among the slum people. Dr. Basbaiah was a physician from Lions Club, who examined the patients.Nine students volunteered and coordinated with the patients.


They helped in registering the patients and overall discipline and coordination. Most of the people were suffering from cough, cold and skin rashes. They were given medicines according to their problems. Around 80 people were benefited with this camp. Few children followed us with smiling faces, which reflects that there was a good response and satisfaction among the slum dwellers.

Handloom Expo 3-4th Oct 2018

Departmental Extension Activities

The department of Social Sciences organized a Handloom expo for the staff, students of the college as well as for the neighborhood on 3rd-4th October. As the Government of Telangana is taking many initiatives to promote Handloom industry such as handmade clothing etc.,


The dept. had also taken a small step towards it by conducting this expo.The products were 100% natural, handmade and dyed with natural colors. The price of the clothes was reasonable with high quality. It was beneficial to them as many have purchased and promoted their products.

Hazards of e-waste

Departmental Extension Activities

Departments of Physics and Computer Science, St. Pious X Degree & PG College for Women, Nacharam, Hyderabad in collaboration with Earth Sense Recycle Private Limited have organised an awareness campaign on hazards of e-waste in the campus and neighbourhood from 20-10-2016 to 22-11-2016.The concept of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle was promoted in students and neighborhood.


Students were actively involved and encouraged to collect house hold e- waste from neighboring colonies and campus. 875 kg of e-waste was collected by the students from their households and neighborhood during 2016-17. The name of the college has been entered in 'UNIQUE WORLD RECORDS for collecting e-waste from households and neighborhood by the students.

Paper Recycling Programme

Departmental Extension Activities
ITC WOW - Dept. of Zoology

On 28 & 29th July 2017, The Dept. of Zoology organised paper Recycling Programme and collected 4 tons of papers. As a college unit, by recycling more than 3 tons of paper, we saved 66 full grown trees that reduce tonnes of CO2 from the air we breathe in. consequence, 21,000 gallons of fresh water is saved, which is sufficient drinking water for more than 30 years for one human and 12,300 kilowatt-hours (45 GJ) of electricity, which is enough energy to power the average Indian village for eighteen months.

ITC WOW - Dept. of Zoology

Through paper recycling we saved huge quantity of fuel, which is sufficient for a normal village family for next nine years. Paper industry is creating approximately 3.67 tons of Co2 for producing 1 ton of fresh paper, through waste paper recycling it will reduce the air pollution by 74%.Paper recycling is not only impacting on environment but also generating livelihood for humans, just through recycling of 4 tons paper we were instrumental in generating jobs for 60 man days.

Pious Lab to Local Network

Departmental Extension Activities

Aims to instill social responsibility among the students and make them compassionate individuals towards community. This program was organized to 60 students of 8th & 9th standard of Fr.Bendel EM High School, Ramanthapur, from 11th to 16th September 2017.


The Department of Computer science continued the motto of extending its services in imparting technical skills in “Fundamentals of Computers and internet” utilizing the resources such as computer labs to the residents and students in the neighborhood.